(Full explanation) How to speed up the computer and reasons for slow computers

(Full explanation) How to speed up the computer and reasons for slow computers

Slowness of the computer is one of the annoying problems that you may meet with anyone and believes that it is a big problem that requires you to take the device to a maintenance center, which causes you to lose a lot of money on something that you may be able to solve on your own.

Causes of computer slowdown are often simple causes that can be solved by yourself without presenting the device to a specialist and wasting time and money. The following is a comprehensive explanation of how to speed up the computer and the main reasons that lead to slowing it down.

Note: There are many situations that require showing the device to a specialist, and although the implementation of the things in this article is not difficult, do not hesitate to show the computer to a specialist if you feel unable to take a certain step and do not do something that you do not know so as not to cause danger On yourself or cause damage to the device.

What are the causes of slow computers and how to speed up the computer?

You have to know that the causes of slow computers are divided into two parts, namely (hardware) and (software), and often hardware is the main culprit in this slowdown because it is the basis for computer work, so let’s first know the reasons that may result from cutting hardware and how to solve them for Speed up your computer.

1. Hard drive HDD Problems

Speed up your computer by solving hard disk problems

HDD or SSD are just names that fall under a single function for reading and storing files.

Although their job is the same, but each of these types differs in speed and performance from the other, and you should know that your storage unit has become an important factor in speeding up the computer in our modern era because it is the secret of the speed of the operating system booting and the speed of loading games as well as reading, writing and copying files So volume is the # 1 reason my computers slow down and let me show you how to get around this.

HDD is the slowest type at all because it is based on a mechanical system called RPM (number of cycles per second) and its types and shapes differ, but it is agreed not to use it to install Windows or any other system .. Do not get me wrong! It is a good choice if you want a lot of space at a low price and it is recommended to use it for storing files, games, or anything other than the operating system and the programs used.

HDD is the slowest type at all because it is based on a mechanical system called RPM (number of cycles per second) and its types and shapes differ, but it is agreed not to use it to install Windows or any other system .. Do not get me wrong! It is a good choice if you want a lot of space at a low price and it is recommended to use it for storing files, games, or anything other than the operating system and the programs used.

Speed up your computer by defragmenting your HDD hard drive

Since this type of storage unit works mechanically to collect files, with the passage of time and reading and writing a lot of files, the files are fragmented and scattered throughout the hard disk, which causes significant slowdowns when the hard disk tries to collect parts of a particular file to display it to you, on Unlike other volumes, so defragmenting a hard drive is very important to speed up your computer and also important to not cause the bad sector. Here’s how it works.

In a modern Windows 10 system, you don’t need to do this step because the system performs it automatically every once in a while for you, but here are the steps if you need to do it manually.

Note: It is not important to apply the following steps to an SSD as it works differently from a mechanical hard drive and does not need to be defragmented.

  • Go to This PC
  • On any disk in front of you, click the right mouse button, then choose properties
  • From the top go to Tools and then click on Optimize
  • Select any disk then hit Optimize

2. Low Ram

RAM plays a very important role in speeding up the computer in literally everything from operating the system, programs and games to browsing online and opening many windows in the browser, especially since Google Chrome browser eats RAM and swallows it up, so you should take it Considering that your device has enough RAM, and you are using Windows 10 64-bit, it is recommended that you have at least 8 GB of RAM, given the type of RAM that your device supports, such as DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4.

3. Not to change the thermal paste, poor ventilation, and non-cleaning

Most users notice with the passage of time a sharp increase in computer temperatures through a noticeable increase in the sound of the cooling fans, whether the processor or the screen card, which causes a sharp decrease in the performance of the device and this is due to 3 main reasons, the first of which is poor ventilation, as it is advised not to put the computer on The ground is next to the wall, as this prevents airflow into the computer or even hot air escaping from it. Therefore, the most appropriate place for the computer is at the top of the desk next to the monitor and a little away from the wall to allow air to circulate in and out of the computer and also to ventilate the room well.

The second reason is not cleaning the computer from dust and dirt. Not only will this slow down the device and overheat it, but it will also shorten the life of the computer parts, so cleaning the device from dust and dirt is necessary at least every two months, and you can use an air blower to do this step.

Speed up your computer by cleaning from dust and dirt
The shape of the air blower device

You can also use an electronic cleaner to clean the electronic parts inside the device, which is a liquid that looks like water, but of course it is specially designed so it is not conductive to electricity and dries quickly.

The third and final reason for slowing down the computer is not to change the thermal paste for the processor and screen card, as the cooling paste must be changed periodically at least every 3 years so as not to damage the processor or graphics card, and it is always recommended to buy a thermal paste from a well-known company.

Important note: In the event of changing the screen card’s cooling paste, it is recommended to show it to a specialist, or you can implement it personally, but at your own risk.

Causes of slow computers From Software

The reasons for slowing the computer from the software are no less important than the reasons related to hardware, but what is distinguished in them is that they are easier to solve. Let’s get to know these reasons and eliminate them to speed up the computer.

1. The operating system is anonymous and unofficial

It is always recommended to download programs and operating systems from their official sites so as not to expose yourself to the risk of viruses and penetration, and so that these things are integrated and not modified, so that they may cause you to incompatibility with your device and thus a slowdown and instability of the system, and you can download the Windows system through the official Microsoft website.

2. There are viruses on your computer

One of the most important reasons related to the sluggishness of the operating system is the presence of viruses, and this not only causes slowdowns, but can also expose your files to the risk of being stolen and make your device vulnerable to mining, and mining is the worst thing that can be encountered because it negatively affects hardware parts and exposes them to damage over time. For those who do not know mining, it is something that exploits the resources of the device such as the processor and the screen card and makes them work at their maximum capacity at all times to implement complex equations, and this is what is done in the production of the famous Bitcoin currency.

Although there are many programs to remove viruses from the computer, but if you suspect that your computer is infected with dangerous viruses due to one of the reasons mentioned, it is recommended to reinstall a new system and then install a strong protection program and avoid installing any unknown-source software or downloading unknown-source things from the Internet.

Five tips to speed up your computer and avoid slowness

1. Turn off programs that run automatically

One of the secrets to speeding up the booting of Windows or the operating system is to disable unnecessary programs when the system starts up, and you can perform this step in Windows 10 by pressing the right mouse button on the taskbar, then selecting Task Manager or Task Manager, then going to the Startup section from the top, and from there you can Choose unnecessary programs and disable them when the operating system starts by clicking on them with the right mouse button and then choosing Disable.

2. Update the operating system

It is considered one of the necessary things as updates sometimes fix problems in the system, which can be the main reason for slowing down your computer.

3. Do not install more than one antivirus

Installing more than one virus program causes an outrageous slowdown in the system and leads to its failure in the end, as the programs conflict with each other because they perform the same function. (Only one program recommended besides Windows Security).

4. Invest well in the cooling system, whether air cooling or water cooling

As mentioned earlier, the cooling process plays an essential role in speeding up the computer and maintaining the longest life of your device, and investing in a powerful air or water cooler will do well to the life of the processor.

5. Do not run too many programs at the same time

It is known that running many programs at the same time significantly consumes the resources of your device, such as the RAM and the processor, and thus causes the computer to slow down, so do not take this step unless you really need it and your device is capable of that.

Are you still facing the problem of slow computer after performing all the steps? If you are, do not hesitate to show the device to a specialist to examine it.

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